Implementation of Principles in Digital Development

The use of digital agency Birmingham technologies has been greatly explored by the international development community for a long period. Additionally, this included tools such as the mobile phones which extend the reach of development. Development organizations have also struggled to show how these digital agencies Birmingham technologies are used to make their own implementations more participatory, effective and sustainable. Various Projects have succeeded thus enabling sustained and improved information and services access that could not have been reachable to marginally populations previously. Other projects have tremendously failed especially due to preventable reasons which result in many projects being unable to scale.

Brief History of Digital Development

Several donors and multilateral organizations had begun talking about failure in digital tools when it comes to supporting technology development in the late 2000s. Later on, the beginning of the UNICEF Innovation principles in 2009 sets of principles, best practices and lessons started to emerge. In 2010 a group of donors and implementers developed a different set of principles independently. Through the integration and refinement of the previous two sets of principles, the digital development principles were created. Therefore, the main aim of the implementation of these principles is to identify common principles’ successful implementation and also suggest resources that could help overcome incoming barriers.

Recommendations in Digital Principle Development

The following recommendations should be considered for all the digital agency development actors. They should all have an institutional strategy and vision that supports integration digital agency development best practices, commit to the integration of best practices into business procedures, ensure strategy implementation, staffing, resourcing and supporting adequately through enabling processes and policies, aligning internal digital development schemes and strategies with those of the other global development community programs and finally contributing to the digital agency development commons.